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The Roots of Evil

The Roots of Evil, Revised, Third Edition
by Dr. Norman L. Geisler

This hard-to-find classic has been revised by Dr. Geisler in 2013. Minor changes have been made and additional material has been added as appendices.


Illusionism… 8
Dualism… 10
Atheism… 15
Finite Godism… 17
Sadism… 20
Open Theism… 22
Options Open to God to Create Better Worlds. 33
The Best Way to the Best World. 38
The Beatific Vision: Seeing God Face-to-Face. 40
But what about the choice to do Evil?. 41
Why Did God Create a World where He Knew that Not all Would be Saved?. 42
Concluding Thoughts. 43
What About Gratuitous Evil?. 50
Why Doesn’t God Miraculously Intervene to Stop Evil?. 51
APPENDIX 2 | Questions About the Eternal Destiny of the Lost. 60
APPENDIX 5 | 9 Points for Preaching on the Problem of Evil 96
More Questions Than Answers?. 96
The Atheist’s Dilemma. 97
Evil Cries Out for God. 97
If God Created Only Good Things, Then Where Did Evil Come From?. 98
What Caused Lucifer to Sin?. 98
But If God Is All-Good and All-Powerful, Why Is Evil Not Defeated?. 99
What About the Holocaust?. 100
Why Earthquakes, Tornados, and Tsunamis?. 100
God Never Wastes a Tragedy. 101
No Pain, No Gain. 101

Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders
Norman L. Geisler
Coming Soon – 2019

This should be avilable on Amazon soon.

The first edition of this book was published by Tyndale House Publishers (1988) and by Wipf and Stock publishers (2004). Paperback print copies may be available for purchase at Wipf and Stock. Electronic versions can be purchased at 


Chapter 1 – Alice in Signs-and-Wonders-Land. 7
Chapter 2 – What Do We Mean by “Supernatural”?. 17
Chapter 3 – Skeptical or Open-Minded?. 26
Chapter 4 – Truly Supernatural or Merely Unusual?. 39
Chapter 5 – Miracle or Magic. 52
Chapter 6 – Psychological or Supernatural?. 69
Chapter 7 – Demonic or Divine?. 85
Chapter 8 – Is There a Yardstick for Miracles?. 99
Chapter 9 – Do Miracles Occur Today?. 116
Appendix 1 – Miracles and the Element of Faith. 136
Appendix 2 – Are Miracles Always Successful, Immediate, and Permanent?. 139
Appendix 3 – Is the New Testament Gift of Prophecy Fallible?. 145
Appendix 4 – The Miracle of Manna. 150
Appendix 5- Were New Testament Tongues Real Languages?. 152
Appendix 6 – The Use of Physical Objects in Healing. 155
Appendix 7 -Did Only Apostles Speak in Tongues at Pentecost?. 157
Appendix 8 – New Testament Lists of Gifts. 159
Glossary of Special Terms. 162
Works Cited. 163
More Information. 167

The Bible: Its Origin, Nature, and Collection

The Bible: Its Origin, Nature, and Collection
by Norman L. Geisler and Douglas E. Potter


Introduction. 5
1 Origin and Inspiration of the Bible. 6
2 Jesus and the Bible. 17
3 Inerrancy of the Bible. 24
4 Historicity of the Bible. 36
5 Canonicity of the Bible. 47
Appendix: Argument for the Inspiration & Inerrancy of the Bible. 55
Bibliography. 69
More Information. 71

The Doctrine of God

The Doctrine of God
by Norman L. Geisler and Douglas E. Potter

Available at here: 

1 Introduction to the Doctrine of God
2 Metaphysical Attributes of God
3 The Trinity
4 Non–Moral Attributes of God
5 Moral Attributes and Activities of God
6 Our Response to God’s Attributes
Appendix: An Argument for the Existence and Nature of God

God: A Philosophical Argument from Being

God: A Philosophical Argument from Being
by Dr. Norman L. Geisler

Available as a Kindle e-book at

In this is a 30 page book, Dr. Geisler presents an original, logical, philosophical argument for the existence of the theistic God. This is not a repackaging of the cosmological or ontological arguments. While predicated upon and arguably a logical outworking of thomistic metaphysics, this argument was not explicitly articulated by Thomas Aquinas. And although it may be similar to Avicenna’s (thomistic) argument from contingency for a necessary being, this argument was developed independently of Avicenna. (Great minds think alike!) This is the first time this particular argument from being has been published.

Introduction 4
Chapter 1: Definition of Terms 5
Chapter 2: The Argument Outlined 10
Chapter 3: The Argument with Commentary 12
Chapter 4: Answering Anticipated Questions 23
More Information 30

Evidence of an Early New Testament Canon

Evidence of an Early New Testament Canon
by Norman Geisler and Shawn Nelson

This is a 64-page book is available as a Kindle e-book at Amazon here:

Very few laypeople know the story of how the church received the New Testament Scriptures. Christians looking into this important topic for the first time are quickly confronted with alarming claims from critical scholars. Some offer accusations that most New Testament books were written late, forged under the apostle’s names, went through many revisions and were then thrust upon the church through a questionable process four centuries after Christ. This view is not consistent with the church’s long-held belief in inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy.
In contrast this short, easy-to-read book attempts to show that an early New Testament canon is consistent with a high view of Scripture. Evidence is given showing that the formation of the canon would have been a perfectly natural occurrence in the early church. This evidence is based on the fact that Jesus taught the coming of further revelation after his ascension through the apostles he commissioned. These apostles were confirmed through miracles, were aware of their God-given authority, and imposed their writings on the church. These writings were then received by men of God who recognized their divine origin (inspiration). There is finally an overview of events leading up to the formal ratification of the canon in the fourth century.
It is hoped that laypeople will recognize that the central core of the New Testament was already well established after the books were written. And by this, Christians can be all the more confident that the New Testament Scriptures before them today is inspired, infallible and without error.

Introduction. 4
Definition of Canon. 5
Setting The Stage. 7
Jesus Promised New Revelation. 14
Role of Apostolic Authority. 17
These Apostles Were The Source Of The Writings. 21
The Apostles Imposed Their Authoritative Writings Upon The Church. 29
The Church Received These Writings As Inspired Scripture 34
Towards Final Recognition Of A Closed Canon. 46
Conclusion. 57
Table 1. The New Testament Canon During The First Four Centuries.59
Table 2. Early Citations of the New Testament by The Church Fathers.60
Table 3. Canon Comparison Chart.61

12 Points that Show Christianity is True (English)

Twelve Points that Show Christianity is True

A Handbook for Defending the Christian Faith


by Dr. Norman L. Geisler

This 200 page apologetics eBook a systematic, methodical, step-by-step defense of the Christian Faith in 12 chapters:

Chapter 1: Truth About Reality Is Knowable 9

Chapter 2:  Opposites Cannot Both be True 13

Chapter 3: The Theistic God Exists 21

Chapter 4: Miracles are Possible 47

Chapter 5: Miracles Can Be Used to Confirm a Message from God 63

Chapter 6: The New Testament Documents are Historically Reliable 73

Chapter 7:  In The New Testament Documents Jesus Claimed to be God 116

Chapter 8: Jesus’ Claim to be God was Confirmed by a Unique Set of Miracles 128

Chapter 9: Jesus was Supernaturally Confirmed to be God in Human Flesh 153

Chapter 10: Whatever Jesus affirmed IS True, Is True 182

Chapter 11: Jesus Affirmed the Bible is the Word of God 190

Chapter 12: The Bible is the Word of God and Anything Opposed to It is False 200

On this page, it is available only as an electronic book in .PDF format. The paperback cannot be ordered from this page.

DVDs of Norm giving twelve lectures on the Twelve Points can be purchased at’s ecommerce store.  Click here to redirect there.

This book was translated into Spanish in 2018 and should become available soon at Amazon. We’re also going to try to get it translated into Chinese, Arabic, Slovene, and other languages. 

Cómo Conocer a Dios

Cómo Conocer a Dios
(Spanish translation of How to Know God)

Click here to download as a free PDF file. 

This is essentially an evangelistic tract. But it spans pre-evangelism, evangelism, and touches on discipleship. It begins by using classical apologetics to help the reader what we should know about God. It then proceeds to use scripture to help the reader know more about God. It then explains how to begin a personal relationship with God. Finally it recommends a few first steps for those who have recently begun to know God and want to know him better.

This is a 19-page booklet in PDF file format.

It is NOT available as a printed booklet at this time.

This is written in Spanish. It is also available in English here.

12 Points that Show Christianity is True – Teacher’s Guide (English)

Teacher’s Guide for Twelve Points that Show Christianity is True
by Norman Geisler and Doug Potter

This book is available at Amazon here: 

Teachers of Dr. Geisler’s twelve-point apologetic method can use this teacher’s guide with their students in conjunction with The Twelve Points that Show Christianity is True book. This guide has helpful color coding, charts, summaries, information sheets, questions for students to answer, list of key concepts and terms to learn, additional suggestions for learning activities, tests, and answer keys all geared towards mastering the twelve points.

Teaching the Twelve Points. 6
Apologetic Learning Domains (Points). 6
Apologetic Goals. 7
Combined Apologetic Learning Domain (Point), Goals and Objectives. 7
Apologetics Scope and Sequence. 10
Importance of Apologetics. 17
12 Points that Show Christianity is True. 21
Information Sheet. 22
Study Questions. 23
Terms and Concepts to Know… 25
Suggested Learning Activities. 26
Test. 28
Answer Key. 30
Point One: Truth About Reality is Knowable.. 32
Information Sheet. 37
Study Questions. 38
Terms and Concepts to Know… 41
Suggested Learning Activities. 42
Test. 44
Answer Key. 47
Point Two: The Opposite of True is False.. 50
Information Sheet. 53
Study Questions. 54
Terms and Concepts to Know… 57
Suggested Learning Activities. 58
Test. 60
Answer Key. 64
Point Three: It is True That The Theistic God Exists. 67
Information Sheet. 80
Study Questions. 82
Terms and Concepts to Know… 83
Suggested Learning Activities. 85
Test. 87
Answer Key. 92
Point Four: If God Exists, then Miracles are Possible.. 97
Information Sheet. 101
Study Questions. 102
Terms and Concepts to Know… 103
Suggested Learning Activities. 104
Test. 106
Answer Key. 109
Point Five: Miracles can be used to confirm a Message from God.. 111
Information Sheet. 116
Study Questions. 118
Terms and Concepts to Know… 120
Suggested Learning Activities. 121
Test. 123
Answer Key. 126
Point Six: The New Testament Documents are Historically Reliable.. 128
Information Sheet. 137
Questions to Answer. 139
Terms and Concepts to Know… 141
Suggested Learning Activities. 142
Test. 144
Answer Key. 148
Point Seven–The New Testament says Jesus Claimed to be God.. 151
Information Sheet. 155
Questions to Answer. 156
Terms and Concepts to Know… 158
Suggested Learning Activities. 159
Test. 161
Answer Key. 164
Point Eight–Jesus’ Claim to be God was Confirmed by a Unique Set of Miracles. 166
Information Sheet. 175
Questions to Answer. 179
Terms and Concepts to Know… 183
Suggested Learning Activities. 184
Test. 186
Answer Key. 191
Points Nine ― Eleven.. 195
Information Sheet. 205
Questions to Answer. 209
Terms and Concepts to Know… 210
Suggested Learning Activities. 211
TEST.. 213
Answer Key. 218
Point Twelve: Therefore it is True that The Bible is the Word of God.. 222
Information Sheet. 228
Questions to Answer. 231
Terms and Concepts to Know… 232
Suggested Learning Activities. 233
Test. 235
Answer Key. 238
Appendix One: Problem of Evil. 246
Appendix Two: The Trinity and Incarnation.. 250
Glossary.. 252
Bibliography.. 257
Books by Dr. Norman L. Geisler. 261
More Information 265