Explaining Biblical Inerrancy



Explaining Biblical Inerrancy

Official Commentary on the ICBI Statements

by Dr. R. C. Sproul and Norman L. Geisler


This 116-page PDF e-book contains the articles of affirmation and denial from the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (1978), the articles of affirmation and denial from the Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics (1982), the commentary on the first statement by Dr. R.C. Sproul (Explaining Inerrancy, 1980), and the commentary on the second statement by Dr. Norman Geisler (Explaining Hermeneutics, 1983).   Explaining Inerrancy and Explaining Hermeneutics were two *official* booklets published by the ICBI Council to help explain the meaning of the first two Chicago statements.

This is not a printed book at this time.  It is an electronic book.

This e-book is priced at $2.00.  However, if you’d like to try to negotiate bulk pricing or would like to request free copies for special purposes, feel free to email us at drnormangeisler[at-symbol]outlook[dot]com.


Table of Contents

Introduction. 6


The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy:  Articles of Affirmation and Denial (1978) 15


The Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics:  Articles of Affirmation and Denial (1982) 18


Explaining Inerrancy: A Commentary on the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. 22

Foreword by Roger R. Nicole. 22

The Word of God and Authority. 24

ARTICLE I: Authority. 25

ARTICLE II: Scripture and Tradition. 27

The Word of God and Revelation. 28

ARTICLE III: Revelation. 29

ARTICLE IV: Human Language. 30

ARTICLE V: Progressive Revelation. 32

The Word of God and Inspiration. 33

ARTICLE VI: Verbal Plenary Inspiration. 34

ARTICLE VII: Inspiration. 36

ARTICLE VIII: Human Authors. 37

The Word of God and Inerrancy. 38

ARTICLE IX: Inerrancy. 39

ARTICLE X: The Autographs. 41

ARTICLE XI: Infallibility. 43

ARTICLE XII: Inerrancy of the Whole. 44

The Word of God and Truth. 46


ARTICLE XIV: Consistency. 51

ARTICLE XV: Accommodation. 53

The Word of God and You. 55

ARTICLE XVI: Church History. 56

ARTICLE XVII: Witness of the Spirit 57

ARTICLE XVIII: Interpretation. 58

ARTICLE XIX: Health of the Church. 60


Explaining Hermeneutics: A Commentary on the Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics. 62

ARTICLE I:  Authority of the Scriptures. 62

ARTICLE II:  The Written Word And the Incarnated Word. 63

ARTICLE III:  The Centrality of Jesus Christ 64

ARTICLE IV: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Revelation. 65

ARTICLE V: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Application. 65

ARTICLE VI:  Propositional Truth Corresponds to Realty. 66

ARTICLE VII:  One Meaning, Multiple Applications. 67

ARTICLE VIII:  Cultural Universality. 68

ARTICLE IX:  Hermeneutics and Meaning. 69

ARTICLE X:  Adequacy of Variety of Literary Forms. 70

ARTICLE XI:  Adequacy of Translation. 71

ARTICLE XII:  Limits for Functional Equivalence Translation. 72

ARTICLE XIII:  The Value and Limits of Genre Criticism.. 73

ARTICLE XIV:  Literary Forms and Factual History. 74

ARTICLE XV:  The Grammatical-Historical Sense. 75

ARTICLE XVI:  Roles and Varieties of Biblical Criticism.. 76

ARTICLE XVII:  Scripture is Self-Interpreting. 77

ARTICLE XVIII: Meaning may Transcend Human Understanding. 78

ARTICLE XIX:  Danger in Preunderstandings. 79

ARTICLE XX:  Extrabiblical Sources. 80

ARTICLE XXI: Harmony of General and Special Revelations. 81

ARTICLE XXII:  Genesis 1-11 as Factual 82

ARTICLE XXIII: Perspicacity of the Scriptures. 83

ARTICLE XXIV: The Value of Biblical Scholarship. 83

ARTICLE XXV: Preaching as Exposition of Scriptural Texts  84

Appendix I: Short Exposition of CSBI 85

Appendix II: Short Exposition of CSBH 87

Appendix III: The CSBA (Chicago Statement on Biblical Application) 98