From God to Us: How we Got our Bible



From God to Us

How we Got our Bible

by William E. Nix and Norman L. Geisler




The original edition of From God to Us was published in 1974 and has since sold over 78,000 copies.  It was an abridgement to the Geisler and Nix classic A General Introduction to the Bible (which weighs in at over 700 pages).   The 2012 revision of From God to Us brings it up to date and expands it from 255 pages to 412 pages.  This major revision is expected to take the place of A General Introduction to the Bible.  From God to Us is the only book of its kind in print, covering the inspiration, canonization, transmission, and translations of the Bible.

The version here at Bastion Books is a 410 page e-book and is only available as a PDF file.   This 2013 edition is a very minor revision of the 2012 revision and remains 99.99% the same.  Please note that this ebook is NOT available here as a print book.  However, the 2012 revision is available as a paperback and is also available in other eBook formats (see CBD and Amazon and Moody Publishers).   You might also be interested in knowing that that From God to Us is also available as a DVD lecture set (12 DVDs with Powerpoint presentations) at International Legacy.