Romans in Logical Form






By Shawn Nelson



This book is an 177 page e-book (electronic book) in PDF format.  It is not available in printed form at this time.  It is also available in Kindle format at  

From the Foreword by Dr. Norman Geisler

In studying the Bible, it is possible to get lost in the forest for the trees.  Hence, Bible survey is necessary so that one can see the total biblical context of what is being studied and not get lost somewhere on a leaf on a twig on a branch of some isolated tree.

Likewise, in doing a detailed study of a text it is possible to lose the overall logical flow of the text.  One way to counter this tendency is to outline the logic of the passage.  No book in the Bible is more suited for doing this than the Book of Romans.  It has been long held that the logic of the book of Romans is tight.  However, few have attempted to successfully untie the knot.  This book is an admirable attempt to overcome that difficulty.  One reason for this is the lack of logical skills on the part of many exegetes.  Another is the lack of exegetical skills on the part of logicians.  Shawn Nelson has combined skills in both areas to produce a valuable tool for students of God’s Word.

Another axiom of interpretation is the failure to understand a text in its context.  Here again, the inability to see the logical flow of the text comes into play.  Few interpreters have taken the time and/or have the talent to outline the logical form of the passage.  But without this, one can easily get lost in a sea of words.  The end result of this is, at best, a word study of the text, not a correct interpretation of it.  Again, the only cure for this is to have the ability and to take the time to outline the passage in its logical form.

This small but valuable book lays out the logic of the entire book of Romans in a way that is indispensable to properly understand one of the most important books in the Bible.  It is truly unique. I highly commend it to all readers of Romans.






Foreword. 6

Understanding This Book. 7

Categorical Syllogisms. 7

Sorites. 9

Hypothetical Syllogisms. 11

Disjunctive Syllogisms. 12

Dilemmas. 13

Part 1– Simplified Version

Romans 1. 15

Romans 2. 22

Romans 3. 26

Romans 4. 32

Romans 5. 36

Romans 6. 41

Romans 7. 46

Romans 8. 50

Romans 9. 58

Romans 10. 64

Romans 11. 68

Romans 12. 74

Romans 13. 77

Romans 14. 79

Romans 15. 83

Romans 16. 88

Part 2 – Advanced Version (With Symbols and Validation)

Romans 1 (Advanced)93

Romans 2 (Advanced)100

Romans 3 (Advanced)105

Romans 4 (Advanced)112

Romans 5 (Advanced)116

Romans 6 (Advanced)121

Romans 7 (Advanced)126

Romans 8 (Advanced)131

Romans 9 (Advanced)139

Romans 10 (Advanced)145

Romans 11 (Advanced)150

Romans 12 (Advanced)156

Romans 13 (Advanced)159

Romans 14 (Advanced)161

Romans 15 (Advanced)165

Romans 16 (Advanced)171