Should Old Aquinas be Forgotten?




Should Old Aquinas be Forgotten?

Many Say Yes, But the Author Says No!

(revised, second edition)

by Dr. Norman L. Geisler




The first edition of this book was published under the title of Thomas Aquinas: An Evangelical Appraisal in 1991 by Baker Book House (ISBN: 978-0801038440) and republished in 2003 with the same title by Wipf & Stock Publishers (ISBN: 978-1592441549).  Printed versions (softcover) of the 2003 unrevised edition may be purchased from

This 2013 e-book edition available here at Bastion Books is an electronic book, not a printed book.  It’s only available as a PDF file here for now (with plans to add in .ePub and .mobi later) and can be read by most e-reader devices, most computers, and most smartphones.   This 2013 e-book version is a light but complete revision of all chapters accomplished by Dr. Geisler in 2013.   Most importantly this version adds two completely new chapters—one on evil and one on the origin, nature, and destiny of human beings.  In addition, it updates the bibliography with some of the most important recent works by and on Aquinas.  This is still the only complete work on Aquinas by an evangelical Scholar available in print today.



Forward. 5

Chap. 1: The Contemporary Relevance of Aquinas. 7

Chap. 2: The Life of Aquinas. 19

Chap. 3: An Overview of the Thought of Aquinas. 30

Chap. 4: The Bible. 36

Chap. 5: Faith and Reason. 49

Chap. 6: The First Principles of Knowledge. 63

Chap. 7: Reality. 83

Chap. 8: God’s Nature. 94

Chap. 9: God’s Existence. 111

Chap. 10: Human Nature. 129

Chap. 11: Religious Language. 146

Chap. 12: Evil 159

Chap. 13: Law and Morality. 177

Epilogue. 190

End Notes. 191

Select Bibliography. 219

APppendix 1: The Major Writings of Aquinas. 221

Appendix 2: A Chronology of Aquinas’ Life. 222

Appendix 3: God, Angels, and Humans. 223

Index of Subjects and Persons. 224