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12 Points that Show Christianity is True – Teacher’s Guide (English)

Teacher’s Guide for Twelve Points that Show Christianity is True
by Norman Geisler and Doug Potter

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Teachers of Dr. Geisler’s twelve-point apologetic method can use this teacher’s guide with their students in conjunction with The Twelve Points that Show Christianity is True book. This guide has helpful color coding, charts, summaries, information sheets, questions for students to answer, list of key concepts and terms to learn, additional suggestions for learning activities, tests, and answer keys all geared towards mastering the twelve points.

Teaching the Twelve Points. 6
Apologetic Learning Domains (Points). 6
Apologetic Goals. 7
Combined Apologetic Learning Domain (Point), Goals and Objectives. 7
Apologetics Scope and Sequence. 10
Importance of Apologetics. 17
12 Points that Show Christianity is True. 21
Information Sheet. 22
Study Questions. 23
Terms and Concepts to Know… 25
Suggested Learning Activities. 26
Test. 28
Answer Key. 30
Point One: Truth About Reality is Knowable.. 32
Information Sheet. 37
Study Questions. 38
Terms and Concepts to Know… 41
Suggested Learning Activities. 42
Test. 44
Answer Key. 47
Point Two: The Opposite of True is False.. 50
Information Sheet. 53
Study Questions. 54
Terms and Concepts to Know… 57
Suggested Learning Activities. 58
Test. 60
Answer Key. 64
Point Three: It is True That The Theistic God Exists. 67
Information Sheet. 80
Study Questions. 82
Terms and Concepts to Know… 83
Suggested Learning Activities. 85
Test. 87
Answer Key. 92
Point Four: If God Exists, then Miracles are Possible.. 97
Information Sheet. 101
Study Questions. 102
Terms and Concepts to Know… 103
Suggested Learning Activities. 104
Test. 106
Answer Key. 109
Point Five: Miracles can be used to confirm a Message from God.. 111
Information Sheet. 116
Study Questions. 118
Terms and Concepts to Know… 120
Suggested Learning Activities. 121
Test. 123
Answer Key. 126
Point Six: The New Testament Documents are Historically Reliable.. 128
Information Sheet. 137
Questions to Answer. 139
Terms and Concepts to Know… 141
Suggested Learning Activities. 142
Test. 144
Answer Key. 148
Point Seven–The New Testament says Jesus Claimed to be God.. 151
Information Sheet. 155
Questions to Answer. 156
Terms and Concepts to Know… 158
Suggested Learning Activities. 159
Test. 161
Answer Key. 164
Point Eight–Jesus’ Claim to be God was Confirmed by a Unique Set of Miracles. 166
Information Sheet. 175
Questions to Answer. 179
Terms and Concepts to Know… 183
Suggested Learning Activities. 184
Test. 186
Answer Key. 191
Points Nine ― Eleven.. 195
Information Sheet. 205
Questions to Answer. 209
Terms and Concepts to Know… 210
Suggested Learning Activities. 211
TEST.. 213
Answer Key. 218
Point Twelve: Therefore it is True that The Bible is the Word of God.. 222
Information Sheet. 228
Questions to Answer. 231
Terms and Concepts to Know… 232
Suggested Learning Activities. 233
Test. 235
Answer Key. 238
Appendix One: Problem of Evil. 246
Appendix Two: The Trinity and Incarnation.. 250
Glossary.. 252
Bibliography.. 257
Books by Dr. Norman L. Geisler. 261
More Information 265