12 Points that Show Christianity is True (English)

Available as a printed softcover book and as a kindle e-book at Amazon.

Twelve Points that Show Christianity is True: A Handbook for Defending the Christian Faith


by Dr. Norman L. Geisler

This 200 page apologetics eBook a systematic, methodical, step-by-step defense of the Christian Faith in 12 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Truth About Reality Is Knowable 9
  • Chapter 2:  Opposites Cannot Both be True 13
  • Chapter 3: The Theistic God Exists 21
  • Chapter 4: Miracles are Possible 47
  • Chapter 5: Miracles Can Be Used to Confirm a Message from God 63
  • Chapter 6: The New Testament Documents are Historically Reliable 73
  • Chapter 7:  In The New Testament Documents Jesus Claimed to be God 116
  • Chapter 8: Jesus’ Claim to be God was Confirmed by a Unique Set of Miracles 128
  • Chapter 9: Jesus was Supernaturally Confirmed to be God in Human Flesh 153
  • Chapter 10: Whatever Jesus affirmed IS True, Is True 182
  • Chapter 11: Jesus Affirmed the Bible is the Word of God 190
  • Chapter 12: The Bible is the Word of God and Anything Opposed to It is False 200

This book was the culmination of over sixty years of Norm’s work in the field of classical Christian apologetics. While it is very similar in structure (Norm’s 12-point framework) and in some parts to the best-selling book I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist by Norm Geisler and Frank Turek, this book is slightly more streamlined and has some different foci.

Norm’s Twelve Points book was originally published through Bastion Books in 2013 but then in 2017 or so, Norm gave the rights to NGIM to republish it and use it as one of their official books to train budding apologists and evangelists around the world. Bastion Books no longer has any rights to it. But we still are happy to advertise it for free since it is such a great book! The profits from the sale of this book go towards having it translated into other languages by NGIM.org.

DVDs of Norm giving twelve lectures on the Twelve Points can be purchased at NGIM.org’s ecommerce store.  Click here to redirect there.

If you buy this book for a group study, don’t forget the teacher’s manual.

This book was translated into Spanish in 2018 and is advertised here.

This book was translated into Arabic in 2019 and may be downloaded freely from here.

As of 2019, NGIM is in the process of getting this excellent beginner-to-mid-level apologetics book, The Twelve Points that Show Christianity is True, translated into Spanish (done in 2018), Arabic (completed in late 2019), simplified and traditional Chinese (due by December 2020). We’re excited about extending Norm’s legacy in such a durable and global way! Do you have a copy of your own? Does it seem like a good book to get translated?  Do you want to see it translated into other languages? If so, why? Do you want to help get it translated into other languages?  If so, start up a conversation with us through either the NGIM contact page or through the Bastion Books Contact page.