In Defense of the Resurrection

In Defense of the Resurrection, Third Edition

by Norman L. Geisler

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In this book, Dr. Geisler fought battles for the orthodox doctrine of the resurrection and corrected the unorthodox views of other evangelical seminary professors. The book that started the controversy was Murray Harris’s book Raised Immortal (1985). Norman Geisler wrote The Battle for the Resurrection (1989) in response to Harris’ book. Harris responded with another book From Grave to Glory (1990). In 1993, Geisler published In Defense of the Resurrection as a response to Harris.

The first edition of this book was published by Quest Publications in 1991. The second edition was revised and republished in 1993 by Witness Inc (Clayton, CA) is available as a digitized book at This third edition is being published as an e-book by Bastion Books in 2015 with slight revisions in the way the citations are made and a new epilogue added by Dr. Geisler in 2015.

Abbreviations Used. 6
Foreword. 7
Introduction. 12
1 | Behind Closed Doors 14
2 | The Heart of the Issue. 27
3 | From the Horse’s Mouth. 38
4 | A Word of Praise. 44
5 | Trivial Pursuit 57
6 | Come Let Us Reason. 65
7 | Don’t Read the Labels 78
8 | What Saith the Scriptures?. 88
9 | None Dare Call it Heresy. 99
Epilogue. 110
Appendix 1 | Letter of Resignation. 116
Appendix 2 | A Book Review of Battle for the Resurrection. 119
Appendix 3 | Misrepresentations of Other Major Scholars 124
Appendix 4 | Erickson’s Erroneous Views on the Resurrection. 132
Appendix 5 | On Press Release of Trinity’s Troika. 135