Signs and Wonders

Healings, miracles, and unusual events: Which are real? Which are supernormal? Which are counterfeit?

Are we living in an age of miracles? Some Christians claim to be able to heal the sick and even raise the dead. Are they using the power of God or are they mere fakers? Or is there power from Satan? And what of the nonbelievers who also claim to perform wonders? Are they tricksters or agents of the occult?  Can we believe their claims about past lives, seeing the future, UFO encounters, and spirit channeling?

Norman Geisler takes a sane and solidly biblical look at miraculous healings and other amazing phenomena today. With penetrating insight he constructs guidelines for judging whether any so-called miracle is truly from God or from the realm of the demonic. He also looks carefully at the clever trickery that charlatans use to dupe and swindle people. He shows that what often passes as supernatural can be explained as merely unusual. Here is a book for anyone who wonders about the power and sincerity of those who claim to be wonder-workers.